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ABOUT Magic Cat Anime wholesale

ABOUT Magic Cat Anime wholesale.

        Our store is more than just another average online wholesaler. We sell not only top quality products, but give our customers a positive online shopping experience

        Our company is specialisze in wholesale,retail and exportaion of comic/anime relevant merchandises,who's business including exploitation,design,manufacture,printing,packaging and prometiong. The merchandises are throughout in accouterment,stationery,fashionmpresswork,figure,horologe,plush toy and all kind of little property in cosplay. We have established long term business relations with a lot of Clients in Europe,North America and Australia.

     We have more than 20 types of fresh products for markets everyday,as it is shown in our website :www.mcatmall.com , meanwhile, our sub-factories in Dongguan and YiWu in mainland China can regularly supply us sufficient sources of goods aside from the high quality and swift speed,and also we are in closely cooperation with some leading factories  offering us the goods that we are out of stock in competitive prices.

     Our company is being stronger and stronger.We need more support from our friends who are full of passion that just like you are,Let's accompany with the glow-up of Chiese anime industry then get our achievement!

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